Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

ini curhatan pacarku tentang aku hahaha

Hmmm. Here I want to tell about my views on my girlfriend  and what we do in this courtship.
Niiii ....
Now, I have a girl friend. Her name is Diyah Arum Kartika. When I started dating her, I felt normal, but a long long time I feel very in love with her. And I do not know, what makes me like this. My view is to it very well. To me he's a perfect girlfriend. The word that came out of my mouth because it's so true.
I think he is very good. Of course, for me she is an adult type of girl in mind. He is understood me. She was wise in making decisions. She has the soul of a leader, the proof she led me to change this myself. Going out with her to bring a positive thing for me and her. Formerly I was a lazy learning, when it became not know why I have a sense of individual responsibility to be diligent in learning and change this myself. she always encouraged me to be able to go forward and change this myself. Then, I really like her, especially because he was a good girl in various ways, whether it's dress, manners, attitude, behavior, and so forth. I really liked the woman as it is in appearance.
Then in terms of his heart. She so is good. She is also faithful. She always kept her promise. She also always understood me and I can accept what they are. She was clearly a woman who is not bad. The proof he always according to what her parents said to her. For example, he was not allowed to go out at night, she was always afraid to get yelled at and therefore he always tries to give the best for her parents. She's always been the story all to me,
and I conclude like this. She was open with me, its all he uttered to me. Whether it's a problem or when he is happy.
When we going out, surely must have a lot of problems and trials. Each of us is no problem, we must finish and finish together. When we were fighting there must be one of us who succumb. We both promise, every problem we face, we overcome and finished together. That way we can know that every problem that we have certainly arise from ourselves and certainly to ourselves that it must resolve.
I applaud this as my girlfriend, although she tired in school but in the afternoon after school he went bathing, eating, and direct learning, I really salute her. Every activities surely she sms with me. Then when the day of week or holiday comes, we must both take time for us to meet. We make a pact before we met, then the motor any 1 of us in the parking area. Me and her go together quickly. Whether it's watching, what the tourist places so, or in a place where mileu restaurant that was good.
and i give the conclusion, that I was with him dating to suport each other. I loved hier. I'm very fond of her. I promise to keep my relationship you Diyah Arum Kartika. I promise to always be faithful to her. I love you diyy. I really love you so much.

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